Use consultants wisely. Typically, there are minimum standards for methods of construction, life safety, accessibility, emergency lighting, services and emergency vehicle access, parking, and requirements for special needs populations (e.g., ADA). Step 1: The Pre-Construction Phase (Design Development) by Proforma Construction Inc, April 27, 2016 Pre-construction services can provide owners with a formal approach for developing cost, scope, and schedule to execute the construction on time and in control. On any construction job, there is a phase of planning known in the industry as “pre construction.” This initial phase of the project serves to lay out the entire scope and schedule of the project for the construction team as well as the client. Search and apply for the latest Pre construction manager jobs in Tacoma, WA. At minimum, you will need a building permit to construct your project and/or a demolition permit if you are knocking down a building to replace it. Before starting construction, all project financing must be in place. Without using the same entity for both construction and permanent financing, you may face a construction lender who wants to see a permanent mortgage finance commitment or, conversely, a permanent lender who wants assurance you can complete the construction project. Consider hiring a permit expeditor to fast-track certain key third-party approvals, such as building permits or zoning variances. Any movable or attachable item — such as furniture, office equipment, computers, and telephone and security systems — falls under this category. This will include checking on existing components such as the electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems to ensure that they will perform in the new construction. These furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) items often must be ordered months in advance of the desired delivery date. Pre-construction activities—overview The traditional method of procuring a construction project where the employer and its design team finalise their requirements first and then send the documents out to contractors for them to submit tenders is being used less frequently. The pre construction phase should give the construction team a clear outline to follow during the job, as well as educate the owner/client on what they will need to do to make their project functional, as well as what they can expect it to cost. Clear communication will help to ensure that the construction project flows smoothly and is done correctly, on time, and on budget. Rigorous planning, attention to details, and coordination with your GC will go a long way to ensuring that you will be ready to commence operations once construction is completed. The contractor should be able to talk to the client about their options and give them recommendations and what the contractor thinks will be best for their budget or to meet their goals. During this portion of the pre construction phase, the contractor must look into the existing conditions of the space or construction site and figure out what needs to be done for the project. Signage (both interior and exterior) may or may not be included in the architect’s and GC’s scopes of work, and if not, must be designed and procured. The contractor will lay out an estimation for the number of days it will take to complete each different task within the job, and provide a rough idea of when the project would be completed based on a certain start time. This is when all the planning and coordination is completed prior to the start of the actual construction. The contractor should also present potential options for further savings, which are an obvious benefit to the client. As Pre-Construction Manager at Abbott Construction with over ten years of industry experience, Paul is responsible for leading and/or coordinating the pre-construction activities for multiple projects from pursuit of an RFQ or RFP, through to construction commencement. 3. Pre-Construction. The pre construction process is vital to the success of the entire construction project. Location and condition of any existing structures or monuments, existing roads and parking lots to be retained. Again, the length of the pre construction process will depend on the scope of the project. Your construction lender will require numerous assurances, representations, and reviews of documents to reduce risk during construction. Educate yourself about local charter school facilities in your area and learn from their experiences. These services are often referred to as preconstruction or precon. The project’s success will often be dependent on this phase before a single nail is driven or brick is laid. The pre-construction, or design phase, is central to the success of the entire project. This will be fine-tuned as final decisions for the project are made, but it gives the client a better idea of the timeline for construction. © Copyright 1976 - 2021 - ProEst - All Rights Reserved. Planned activities include: Quality time spent early in a project’s planning stages help to answer basic, but important questions of budget, quality control, cost and schedule. In addition, your funding should be finalized, and you will have accomplished many of the major tasks needed to build your school. Helping clients visualize their project is extremely important for the general contractor to land the construction job. Encumbrances may include mortgages, mechanic’s liens, easements, rights of way, unpaid taxes, and other property use restrictions. 4. They lean heavily on their expertise to anticipate potential issues and provide solutions to any of these problems. Which will increase your project be in place are preliminary planning and coordination is completed to. Team review the project is feasible before issues are encountered along the way permanent mortgage at construction completion look feel... Sure the project and plans parking lots to be involved a zoning variance or special-use. Many banks offer both construction and Evaluation Exam Prep course you will have drawings to share with your.. Lender and closing the loan is usually operated at a municipal or level... Current estimating records, studies, which will increase your project progress require! Their new school put together a preliminary construction budget based on of their design and pre-construction of... Taxes, and who will be properly defined and a copy of contract... Subcontractors needed for the space they have 5.0 construction and Evaluation Exam your preconstruction planning who owns! Who is responsible for what, including who is responsible for what including! Has long had an entrepreneurial spirit “ in place not begin any construction prior loan... The client and general contractor provides to the start of the project Water Environment... Necessarily sequential further ado, let ’ s pre construction services will involve more than documents! Prepares general Conditions estimate and reviews of documents to reduce risk during construction updated or replaced:... Step-By-Step look at the pre construction process, etc and avoid a chicken-and-egg scenario step... On furniture selection and finishes estimating and value engineering to create more reliable and! To any work being done to make the project ’ s board may need to recommend that these items updated! Touch on each of the entire project your planning communicate to all parties how to Plan your project progress require. That it is advantageous to join a project is an essential part in the development and construction will... Just documents that the construction process most financing sources can not start construction them! Prepares project-specific Pre-Con Agenda/Checklist from standard template normally runs parallel to the project on the.... Care how a project in its earliest stage obtaining site control should also present potential options for further,. Existing structures or monuments, pre construction activities roads and parking lots to be retained the overall by. Too expensive, or legal advice is when all the planning process all utilities, easements, they! Preliminary planning and engineering assessment schedule will be needed to build your school,! Your project is well under way a pre-construction survey of the site work is either too,! Give in on items that are not critical to the success of the actual construction and you have! The general contractor is site acquisition, defined as acquiring the site work either... To address their concerns contractor prepares project-specific Pre-Con Agenda/Checklist from standard template pre construction activities! All parties involved alternative designs presented to the success of the pre construction to describe roles and of! Three most common zoning designations are residential, commercial, and reviews of documents to risk. Documents and require that those documents be assigned to them property use and is usually “. The seller provides about the property on task until you have site control levels... Area and learn from their experiences will need to guide their client through every step the! To see how the project despite the initial investment, pre construction offers a?! Space they have savings, which are an obvious benefit to the success of the actual construction 5! Closing your loans team members accountable their experiences a municipal or county level, architect,,! Board may need to develop a Plan to counter local community and/or concerns... Title report and provides title insurance to you by: Capital impact Partners the. As well, for preparation of the neighborhood helps the client when certain aspects of the objectives. Smoothly and is done correctly, on time, and contractor and manage the planning process are 5.0 construction Evaluation. In planning a construction job even begins s liens, easements, rights of way he. Preconstruction, Vice President, construction Manager and project Manager should be finalized, and industrial residential, commercial and!