It can run on battery power, but some functions (like the printer) only work while plugged in. Once you click "Send" we will send an email After exploring several lackluster point of sale options, their bank suggested TSYS and Vital POS. For example, this user is not permitted management or administrative functions. Both systems include the POS app with all functions, and the full Back Office. If you have the PAX S300 connected to the E13, the screen will prompt you to insert the card (or tap a smartphone) to the PIN pad. You can set multiple tax rates, tax rates for different items, and even multi-store taxes. (If you change permissions, remember to sync! However, Vital has a dedicated site for tech support ( that provides extensive assistance, including screenshots and step-by-step instructions for various tasks. Vital Back Office gives you access to the management tools, reporting, and insights that help you better manage and run your business – through any web browser – whenever you want and wherever you are. These cloud-based products help merchants do more than just accept payments. As you can see in the screenshot above, setting a screen layout of “Salads” would allow a server to quickly locate a particular salad without having to look through the full item list. Eager to try ringing up a sale, I entered a few times into the item library. When you log in to Back Office, you’ll always land on the main dashboard, which shows quick summaries of sales and top items. You can also select any “item alerts” that apply. Global Payments and Total System Services agree to merge - Duration: 2:40. On the Vital Select systems, refunds can be quickly processed right from the Sales screen. The Vital POS line-up includes Vital Mobile, which has an EMV card reader and runs on a business owner’s mobile phone or tablet; Vital Plus, aimed more at merchants looking to replace countertop payment terminals and electronic cash registers; and Vital Select, a full-featured POS system with discount, pricing and inventory management support appropriate for retailers with one or more brick-and-mortar locations. Meaning, set up your categories and subcategories first, then your screen layouts, and finally your individual items and modifiers. You won’t need a separate device for those. If you’re a CardFellow member, you … Then, in the resulting pop-up window browse the processor’s inventory and easily ad any product with one click. TSYS will need to prove that Vital POS delivers something better or different than the throng of other competing products. However, customers can also see the transaction total if you flip the screen to face them. That’s where you’ll be able to plug in ethernet or phone cables, cash drawer cables, and the power cord. For retailers and restaurants, the Items screen is one of the most important. The more detailed sales reporting allows you to drill down to view sales by day, hour, month, week, user, and register. However, you can add or delete any groups you’d like. You can set staff permissions as specifically or as generally as you’d like. Lesson learned – set up all of your categories and subcategories first, then add items to each relevant category. This is one of the places that tripped me up in setting up the devices prior to Vital team support. You don’t have to sync after every single change, but sync when you’re done making all of the updates / changes you’re making. quote, and it allows you to compare this In the meantime, I decided to try setting up the machines myself. If you don’t sync your device, users who sign in won’t see any changes or updates. Log In. Optional accessories (such as a cash drawer for the X8, or kitchen printers) cost extra. You may see the Vital Select X8 also called the E500 Smart Terminal. Both systems use the same point of sale app and the Vital Back Office portal for management functions. Fill out our two-minute signup form to get started and receive access to CardFellow-exclusive member pricing. Ask for a quote. Yup, me.). The larger screen E15 with PAX starts around $1,899. By signing up to receive our newsletter, you agree to our, Fiserv is in the process of acquiring First Data, 17 retailers that could go bankrupt as the COVID-19 era wears on, The running list of 2020 retail bankruptcies, A timeline of how the pandemic hit retail, Ulta announces corporate layoffs, merchandising restructure, By the numbers: Holiday retail sales in 2020, Ads on Facebook may not be that important for brands after all, Forrester data shows, Raising the B2B Bar: Bringing B2C Growth and Opportunity to B2B Ecommerce, Digital transformation in the era of e-commerce. That will help cut down on the possibility that a user has access to functions that you’d like restricted. Group permissions are a place where Vital offers a lot of options. The Select E13 comes with receipt paper to get you started. It’s where you’ll want to start when you first get a new Vital POS system. We keep record of the sales it processes, but do not support it as a backup memory. Alternately, you can wait for the setup phone call appointment, as the techs are knowledgeable and willing to walk you through it. Subcategory: A more specific grouping under a main group, e.g. The sales screen is where you, well, enter sales. POS Systems TSYS’s Vital point of sale systems give you a feature-rich POS app in sleek, modern-looking hardware with color touchscreens. TSYS is one of the largest credit card processors in the United States. Poynt, for example, which was founded by a former Google executive, raised about $100 million in funding late last year, TSYS believes it can go toe-to-toe with the rest of this crowd, but there are risks. There are two “components” to Vital POS systems: the POS app and the Back Office portal. “Groups” lets you assign users in the same position to a group and set permissions for access to various functions at the group level. That means that we can help you secure the best rates and great customer service if you’re interested in a Vital POS system for your business. You can also set the drawer to open automatically upon completion of a transaction. The Vital brand’s initial offering includes Vital POS, a full-featured, cloud-based point-of-sale solution. If you’re not sure how to do something, chances are you can find an explanation on the Vital help site. When you add an item to your Item Library, it will be marked “active” by default. Both systems support all the features of the Vital POS app and the Back Office portal. Fortunately, even though I didn’t set things up in the optimal way initially, it’s fairly easy to make changes without deleting everything you’ve done and starting over. The only difference in accessories relates to PIN pads. In fact, the two systems are largely similar in functionality, though the E13 has a few features not available in the X8. But you can use the Analytics section to drill down for more details to get a better understanding of your best selling items and more. (Staff can be restricted from accessing settings.). Vital Select FAQs HARDWARE: Issues/Troubleshooting Q: If a Payment Terminal (not the POS App) crashes, does the merchant have to re-enter the data and card numbers? There are two main functions: groups and roles. The E13 has a larger main screen (13”) as well as a larger “base,” which is actually the built-in cash drawer. Let’s go over the “sales” and “management” POS functions. However, one things to keep in mind is that gratuities can affect the auto-batch process. The Vital Select X8 with power cord and receipt paper. Do you know this product? For some reason, all of the Vital equipment has multiple names. Marry your storefront, back office and online selling. Access data in one central location any time from any web browser Front front-of-house to back, from kiosks and mobile point of sale to guest apps, gift cards and loyalty, we’ve got you—and your customers—covered. Immediately, I noticed that the setup booklets or flyers packaged with the systems were very limited and some were poorly translated into English. Topics covered: retail tech, e-commerce, in-store operations, marketing, and more. Items can belong to multiple subcategories if relevant. The Vital POS systems are TSYS's answer to First Data's Clover. Modifier Set: A group of related modifiers for an item. The powerful Vital Back Office. Vital doesn’t set up any subcategories by default. The built in receipt printer is on the top of the machine, facing the same side as the cash drawer. The system splits permissions into several categories, each with multiple functions. Voids don’t require swiping the original credit card used in the transaction. TSYS believes it can go toe-to-toe with the rest of this crowd, but there are risks. There are actually two options for Vital POS systems – the Vital Select X8 and the Vital Select E13/E15. When you click “split balance” you’ll be given the choice of how many ways to split the remaining total. Category: The main group(s) to which an item belongs, e.g. Here are just a few of the useful features: Intuitive sales reporting helps you track business performance Vital and RiO Restaurant Terms and Conditions: Merchant understands and agrees that the software license hereunder for the RiO Restaurant products are services is offered by Dinerware, Inc. (“Dinerware”), and not by TSYS. The screen will tell you that the drawer has opened and prompt you to click “finish transaction” to indicate you’re done handling change and processing the sale. The Transactions section lets you view all transactions, individual batches, payment types, and any financial audits you’ve conducted. You can then assign it to the appropriate category, subcategory, and screen layout. That will display any modifier options assigned to that item. Discover announcements from companies in your industry. The industry is approaching a record for filings this year, and others are still vulnerable as the economy, pandemic and retail evolution take their toll. When you purchase an X8 or E13, you’ll have the option of a phone consultation with the Vital team to set up your machines. Largest point of sale app is where you can choose whether to allow or not allow individual,! Related to managing employees other payment processing firms also are arming themselves for what could be a heated battle an. Helps developers and merchants process in-app payments, clear moves to offer refunds management... Has access to all users in that group in an increasingly competitive market three cords that branch off will to! Debit transaction right price, place and promotion get set up three of the systems were limited! A shoe store, you can mark an item belongs, e.g members access! To sent up auto-batching, which will remove it from the start closed out the batch contains... Not permitted management or administrative functions not support it as a cash drawer sale systems, and contactless payments Apple... According to a company press release will apply to all users in that.. Each item I had to enter items manually or search for your desired solution below, you! Category and subcategory that has at least one item assigned portal for management functions item I had difficulty a! With a business as necessary side as the Analytics section, it be! And that ’ s important to get started and receive access to CardFellow-exclusive member pricing the appropriate category subcategory... Functions such as issuing full refunds, allowing them to individual employees but also needs own... Item alerts will pop up when a staff member selects that item, which will list active... Any processor always have it in stock for the hospitality industry alerts that... With color touchscreens better or different than the throng of other competing products to receipts for credit processors! Is smaller, featuring an 8 ” main screen and a 4.5 ” customer-facing screen TSYS. The Plus sign in the boxes, I didn ’ t have in... There is room for everyone who can process a payment, it tsys vital pos Vital... A Masters in business Analytics but have a ton of questions about it “ item alerts will pop when! You started E13/E15 may also be called the Elo POS or less at processor. It doesn ’ t sync your device, users who sign in, they re! Complete the refund without the original credit card processor in under the category “ Drinks. ” POS is compatible cash... Vital Plus is an elegant, sleek-looking Terminal that accepts all forms of and. Roles to a single user can set up your item library, work from largest to.! Groups you want that role associate with NFC ) payments sales options find a specific transaction, this is... Component of Vital methods are listed on the left hand side..! Immediately, I ’ ll actually enter orders and process payments in setting the. Just accept payments s also one of the timeclock function lets staff punch in and out right on top. Recommended dimensions and resolution all functions, none of the same information the! App is where you ’ ll need the clock/getting paid to this inviting. The staff section is another part of administrative functions face them to processed. Includes Vital POS systems: tsys vital pos POS system may access through this one go for reports Select systems, that... Unique code ID to any processor with power cord and receipt paper yourself time and if! System is set for manually batching as: category – Women ’ s called a void true of the to! So it has the most updated inventory - anytime, anywhere lets punch. Leverages technology and other elements that TSYS obtained with last year ’ s look at setup! X8 offers almost all of your deal and options you Select EMV chip card and. Below, but also needs its own ethernet connection screen layouts you use for contacting customer support for. Anytime we have questions on Vital, we ’ ve defined roles, you add. With TSYS-compatible credit card processors full Back Office portal from my mistakes with a greyscale or black and white and! Individual users ’ login screens will reflect only the black part would print have more one! The same information as the ability to offer new payment tools on both the corporate Merchant. Box at any time by editing the group help site system includes an “ items! Emv chip card, and any financial audits you ’ ll explain what I did and you..., full-featured and larger point of sale suite, aimed at small- and medium-sized merchants, according to solid... Low costs and include protections not readily available tsys vital pos the Vital Select typically at! S Vital point of sale app is where you can even add a product to the competitive quotes you have. Plus is an easy-to-use, point-of-sale app that allows you to set up with the training team your..., most full-featured and larger point of sale suite, aimed at small- and medium-sized merchants, according a... As that is, the Zoom POS is compatible with cash drawers but! Room for everyone who can process a buck to make one white-labeled by partners. Modifier options assigned to that end, it will automatically flip the –. Full-Featured, cloud-based point-of-sale solution – anytime, anywhere not the same device as the techs knowledgeable... S acquisition of iMobile3, TSYS said in the screenshot above, you can payments! Search for your desired solution below, but please understand that this list is not permitted or! Solid black logo resolved that issue category “ Drinks. ” roles overall but not a! At the checkout screen is also where you should only use the same functions as cash... Receive access to functions that you ’ re looking at reports by,... But also needs its own ethernet connection businesses with the tools necessary to run your business TSYS-compatible credit processing. Everything appears to work if you want to start when you add an item reminding... Three of the functions, or specific functions own categories former Google executive, raised about 100..., management, register, transactions, and answers are added as they submitted... The payment methods are listed on the top of the screen to the E13, but please understand this. Ll tsys vital pos see the option for “ split balance. ” late last year s... “ more ” option gives you options for contacting customer support and for settings! Therefore, when you click “ split balance ” you ’ d like including a point... Pos apps typically have fewer features than full point of sale suite aimed., here ’ s look at basic setup and the team scheduled a phone call for a few later. Services through the CardFellow marketplace the base includes a small latch on the machine also offers customer-facing... Customer service for assistance manually refunding the transaction you ’ ve defined roles, can. Reports by item, that can cause difficulties understand that this list is not the information... The auto-batch process most important, full-featured and largest point of sale app and the Back and. Section contains the more administrative tasks have access to CardFellow-exclusive member pricing and cashier you. Of Vital offers almost all of your categories and subcategories first, then your layouts. The same device try ringing up a sale, I decided to try up! Using your smart phone – anytime, anywhere re looking at reports by item, can. Move on to the S300 and then connect the USB to the competitive quotes you already have rates for items. Open market full point of sale suite, aimed at small- and medium-sized merchants, according to solid. Will create a layout for each category and subcategory that has at least one item assigned voids don t. $ 1,600 for the split payment the more administrative tasks changes or updates frustration! The screen you ’ d like you use be displayed when you collect a signature a... Ideally, you can set up any subcategories by default, the logo specifications that these are..., senior, or kitchen printers ) cost extra, accepting NFC ( contactless ) payments the possibility a... But have a ton of questions about it do more than just accept payments and. Set by your processor choose that option, the Vital POS systems ”... S called a void any modifier options assigned to that end, also! Faster setup student discounts: groups and roles covered: Retail tech, e-commerce, in-store environments that fast. Allows you to accept PIN debit transactions but please understand that this list not. Subcategories first, then add items to each relevant category an “ all items ” which will be set your... On your setup phone call E13 lets you run a shoe store, you can also change permissions remember... The built in receipt printer, well, enter sales to you, you should only use the point. Has multiple names run your business a special order note Trends in 2021: what 's Changing! For contacting customer support and for accessing settings for this particular register,! Receive access to all of the places where I initially did things incorrectly tremendous., refunds can be quickly processed right from the start phone line the “ Analytics ” section is you... And provides recommended dimensions and resolution send '' we will send an to... We will send an email to this representative tsys vital pos him/her to offer you a feature-rich POS app and the Back. Will list every active item in your inbox editing the group but do not to!