If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. TRANE HAS REPLACED IT WITH A KIT. MOT02619 Trane 1/2 HP Furnace Motor  Come see the list of (54) G.E. 59 TDD100R945B0 A/TDD-R-B0 TUD100C945H0 Come see the list of (216) Trane, Cumberland and American Standard furnaces it is used in. ADD1B060A9361AA 9 1/2" DIA X 9 1/2" WIDTH Price $27.00. TUD060C924H1 Model Number This is the percentage of heat energy used to heat the conditioned space, with the remaining energy being lost with exhaust material. [post_title] $1184.00 Description: Not go. 16 YCP042F3M0AB PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC AUD120R960H4 TDD080R9V3C1 101 TUD100R960H3 GAS FURNACE AUD140R9V5A2, CUD060R936A1, CUD060R936A2, CUD060R936A3 CNT05165 Trane XE90 and 80% Single Stage Furnace Fan Control; CNT0915 G.E. parts list, trane xe90 gas furnace, trane xe90 parts diagram, trane xe90 specifications You are here : Posts » TRANE CUB140A960C0 CDX1B080A9421AB TDE060A937M2 TDD100C945A2 TDD120R9V5C0 ADD100C945C0 90 TDD100R9V5C2 DOWNFLOW VARIABLE SPEED FURNACE TDD2B060A9362AA Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. FCAC100A50B1 CUX1B080A9421AC FCAB080A40C0 CDB1B060A9361AB TUD040C930H0 ADD080R936B1, ADD080R9V3A1, ADD080R9V3B0, ADD080R9V3B1 49 YCX036G4H0AC PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC CDB1B080A9451AA Air Handler Blower Motor S89-682, Trane AC and Heat Pump Condenser Fan Motors, Trane Air Handler and Electric Furnace Motors, Trane Gas Fur and Pcgk Indoor Blw Motors, Trane Replacement Heating and Air Conditioning Parts, York AC and Heat Pump Condenser Fan Motors, York Air Handler and Electric Furnace Motors, York Air Handlers and Electric Furnace Parts, Water Treatment for your Humidifier and Evaporator Coil Condensate Pan, Blower Wheels for Furnaces and Air Handlers, Universal Belly Band Motor Mounts with Grommets, Furnace Motor Belt Adjustment - Tail Piece Assembly, Pre Lubricated Heavy Duty Bearings for Heating and Air Conditioning, Circuit Boards, Control Boards and Fan Timers, 17W82 Concord Furnace Spark Ignition Control Module Kit, 56W19 Armstrong-Concord Ignition Control Board, 1128701A Amana Furnace Model EPCG3612-ID Ignition Control Board, 20224302 Amana Furnace Model GUIB/GCIB and GUID Control Board, PCBBF118S Amana Furnace Model GUIC115FA50 Control Board, PCBBF124S Amana Furnace Model GUVA090BX50 Control Board, 40403003 Armstrong 80% Furnace Control Board, 60M32 Armstrong Gas Package Unit Control Board, RA161 Armstrong Gas Package Unit Control Board Kit, 313680-751 Carrier,Bryant,Payne Inducer Control Board, CESO11005702 Carrier, Bryant Control Board, Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Day and Night Circuit Boards, 325878751 Carrier 80% Furnace Printed Circuit Board Kit, 695-101 Carrier 80% Furnace Printed Circuit Board (Fan Control), Carrier Control Board HH84AA021 (ICM 275C), Carrier, Bryant, Payne Control Board CESO 110074-01, HK61EA005 Carrier Air Handler Control Board, LH33WP003 Carrier Ignition Control Printed Circuit Board, LH33WZ510 Carrier-Bryant/Payne Spark Igniter Control, LH33WZ512A Carrier-Bryant/Payne Spark Igniter Control, 7681-317P Coleman Evcon Lower Control Board, 7681-318 Coleman Blend Air II Control Board, S1-43101972100 York Diamond 80 Control Board, 1085928 Comfortmaker Air Handler Fan Timer, 1395336 Heil Air Handler Time Delay Relay, 1395338 Comfortmaker Furnace Control Board, B1809913S Goodman Furnace Control Board Kit, Goodman Control Board B18099-23 Instructions, PCBAG123S Goodman-Janitrol Direct Spark Ignition Control Board, PCBFM131S Goodman-Janitrol Air Handler Time Delay, PCBKF102S 2 Stage Goodman Control Module, Heil Heating and Air Conditioning Circuit Boards, Honeywell Universal Control Board ST9120U1011, Honeywell Smart Valve Fan Timer Universal Control Board ST9120U1011 replaces obsolete numbers ST9120C2010, ST9120B1005, Honeywell Smart Valve Fan Timer Control Board ST9120G4038, Intertherm, Miller M1 Series furnace control board 903429, Nordyne Furnace Control Board 903106,624591-A,624591-B, 624591-D, JHL, S1-03101264002 Luxaire Air Handler Control Board, S1-33102956000 Luxaire Furnace Control Board for Models G8T and G9T, 4116000 Consolidated Industries Control Module, Fraser Johnson Heat Pump Air Handler Control, S1-02535304000 York Spark Ignition Control, S1-03100862700 York Economizer Control Board, S1-03101955000 York CFM Selection Control Board, S1-03101958000 York CFM Selection Control Board, S1-33109150002 York Control 2 Stage Heating; Cooling with Communication, Nordyne 624-625 Electric Furnace Control Board, 47-100436-02 Rheem-Ruud Time Delay Air Handler Blower Relay, 47-22445-01 Rheem-Ruud RGEB/UGEB,RGDE/UGDE Circuit Board, 47-22827-83 Rheem-Ruud Standing Pilot Furnace Control Board, 62-100610-02 Rheem-Ruud (2) stage heat 90% furnace control board, 62-102635-81 Rheem-Ruud 80% (2) Stage Heat Control Board, 62-24084-82 Rheem-Ruud Furnace Control Board, 62-24140-04 Rheem-Ruud Furnace Control Board, 62-24268-03 Rheem-Ruud Furnace Control Board, 62-25341-81 Rheem-Ruud Furnace Ignition Control Board, Thermal Zone Furnace Control Board 624591-A and B, CNT00917 Trane-G.E. ADD120R960C5 TDD100R960A1, TDD100R960B0, TDD100R960B1, TDD100R9V5A1 TUD120C960J1 TUD120R954K2 FUAA060A30D0 18 ADD100R960B0 A/TDD-R-B0 CDB120A960D0 TDD100C948C1 TDD120C960A1 ADD060C936C1 78 YCX060G1M0AC PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC BLD100K948B4, BLU100K948B2, BLU100K948B3, BLU100K948B4 CDC080A942A6 TUD120R960H5 TDE080A945H1 BLU060J930A1 AUD100C960H1 65 TDD100R945C4 GAS FURNACE ICP Furnace Blower Motor, 1010263 3/4 H.P. TDD080C945C0 41 AUD100R960H3 GAS FURNACE Found in the following (35) G.E. Please enter one or more characters. Replaces obsolete part numbers WHL00877 and WHL0089. 51 YCX042F1M0CB PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not! TDD140C960C0 57 TDD100R945A0 Limit Switch  (see list of 193 Trane, American Standard and Cumberland it fits). TUD140C960H0 TUD100C948H0 CNT02536 Trane-American Standard XV90 (2) stage-variable speed Gas Furnace Control  Trane 2 Stage Heating- Variable Speed Furnace Circuit Board CNT02536 is now obsolete. ADD080R9V3F5 TUE120A960L0 Used in the following (68) Trane and American Standard furnaces. 45 YCX036G3H0AC PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC 30 YCP060F3M0AA PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC 54 YCX042G1M0AB PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC TDD080C945F3 TUD060C936H1 10 CUC120A960A6 GAS FURNACE FCAD120A50C0 FCAD120A50C0 TDD100C948C0 FITS TRANE: CDB080A945D0 AUD040C930H1 CUB120A960C3 SWT01255 Trane Pressure Switch  This is (1) of the pressure switches used in the 2 stage furnaces. TUD140R960A1, TUD140R960A2, TUD140R9V5A1, TUD140R9V5A2. TUD040C930H1 TUD100C936H0 AUD100C945H0 TUD080C936H0 AUD080C924H0 79 TDD100R960C0 GAS FURNACE TDD060R9V3C6 TDX100C948D3, TDX120C960D3, TDX1C100A9481AA, TDX1C100A9H41AA I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! 109 TUD100R9V5H0 GAS FURNACE AUD100C961H1 Cond Mtr (S89-587), 0131M00060S Goodman 1/6 H.P. 5 YCP036F3H0AA PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC TUD080C948H1 ADD080R9V3A1 This control has been replaced by Trane with KIT15017, KIT15018, KIT15019 or KIT15020. BLU070J936A2, BLU070J936A3, BLU080K942B2, BLU080K942B3, ADD080C936A2 AUD060C924H0 FCAB080A40B1 TUE080A948L1 Convex TDD060A924A0 CUB040A924C0 Trane and Lennox are notorious for having the. LU130K3B, LU130K5B, LU130K5C, MOT03096 G.E.- Trane 1/3 HP Furnace Blower Motor  Replaces obsolete number MOT03096. 53 YCX042G1M0AA PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC TUD120B960A0 SWT2522 Trane Pressure Switch  See the list of (10) Trane, American Standard and Cumberland furnaces that use this below. AUD1C100A9H51BB CNT03797 Trane Integrated Fan Control  (CNT 3797) Used in TUE and many others. AUD120C960K0 Come see the full list it fits! 47 AUD100R9V5B1 TUD120R960H3 BLU080E924B1, BLU080F924B1, BLU080F924B2, MOT02883 G.E.- Trane 1/3 HP Furnace Blower Motor  See the list of (77) G.E. TDE120A960M0 and Trane furnaces: AUD080C924K2, AUD080C924K4, AUD1A060A9361AA, AUD1A060A9361AB Upflow/Horizontal Condensing, Gas-Fired Furnace XB 90 TUC1B040A9241A, TUC1B060A9361A TUC1B080A9421A, TUC1C100A9481A TUC1D100A9601A, TUC1D120A9601A AUC1C100A9481AA, AUC1D120A9601AA, AUX100C948D3, AUX120C960C1 TDD060R9V3F3 XD. AUD080C936H1 Looking for TRANE Thermal Limit, Open at 190, Close at 160, Fits Brand Trane (30NX18)? Due to the nature of the products we sell directly to homeowners we must have you read and understand our terms of use page. ICP Furnace Blower Motor, 1014028 1/2 H.P. TUD1C100A9601AB Used in (100) Trane and American Standard furnaces. SupplyHouse.com has the Trane parts and supplies you need to solve your HVAC projects, including motors, actuators, and circuit breakers. XR 90 SERIES furnace pdf manual download. TDD080C945A2 LD105A2H, LD105A2H2, LD105A2J, LD105A2J2, LD105A2M, LD105A2N, LD105A3A 19 ADD100R960B1 GAS FURNACE 28 YCP060F1M0AB PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC ADD040C924C1 10 YCP036F4H0AB PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC TDD2B060A9362AC ADD040R924A1, ADD040R924B0, ADD040R924B1, ADD060R936A1, ADD060R936B0, ADD060R936B1, ADD080R936A1, ADD080R936B0 Do not use this item for any installation or repair of potable water applications. TDD060C936A2 ADD140C960C1 Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these Trane Xe90 Parts Manual I can get now! TDD080C945F2 CDB080A945B0 TDD080R9V3F0 Motors and Blades Other Parts Capacitors TUX1B080A9421AA, TUX1B080A9H31AA. PTED0901GBA. TDE100A945C1 TDD080C945B1 A196 Fasco replacement Trane Inducer  Used in the following models: CDX1C100A9481AA, CDX1D120A9601AA, CUX100A948A0, CUX120A960A0 CDE120A960C1 ADD060R9V3F2 $13.04. TUE120A960L0 TUD100C936H1 LU105D2M, LU105D2M1, LU105D4M, LU105D4M1, LU120A2B2, LU120A2M, LU120A2M1 69 YCX048G4H0AA PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC 82 TDD100R960C3 GAS FURNACE ADD060R9V3E0 CUB100A948C0 AUD100C936H1 In order to read or download trane xe90 parts manual ebook, you need to create a FREE account. 14 YCP042F1M0AC PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC AUD100C936H0 TUE080A936L1 CDB080A945D2 FUAB100A40C0 52 YCX042F1M0CC PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC ADD080C945F1 AUD120C960K1 WR Furnace Control Board Fits Trane American Standard CNT2789 CNT02789 CNT02891 This is an Upgraded White Rodgers Furance Control Board designed for Trane/American Standard Furnaces. MOT12871 G.E.-Trane Furnace Blower Motor  See the list of (3) G.E. ADD060R9V3C5 NOTE: THIS PART IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. See the list of (35) G.E. Found in (464) Trane, Cumberland and G.E. CDX1B080A9421AC LD120E9B, LU100K2A, LU100K2B, LU100K2B1, LU100K2D, LU100K3B, LU100K5B TDD080R9V3F2 Choose from durable bearings, thermostats, valves, fans and more that function with your exact air conditioner or furnace. FCAB080A40B1 83 YCX060G4M0AB PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC Not all parts we sell are listed on the this page. 23 ADD100R960C3 GAS FURNACE Replaces KIT05137, KIT03308, CNT02062. TUD040C924H1 TUD120R954K1 26 ADD100R9V5A1 FUAB080A030C0 ADD120R960B1 AUD120R954A2 ADD080R9V3B1 AUC1B080A9421AA, AUX080C942D3, AUX1B080A9421AA, AUX1B080A9H31AA, CUX080A942A0,CUX1B080A9421AA,TUC1B080A9421AA,TUX080C942D3, 4 AUC100C960BA GAS FURNACE 17 ADD100R960A1 ADD120R9V5A1 7 CDC120A960A6 GAS FURNACE TDD060C936C1 Come see the list of units it fits. IMPORTANT: BLU070J936A3 62 TDD100R945C1 GAS FURNACE TDD040C924C0 1 YCP036F1H0AA PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC CDB080A945C1 TUD120C960K2 TUD120R954H0 47 YCX036G4H0AA PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC TDD1B080A9H31BA 41 YCX036G1H0AC PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC 19 YCP048F1H0AB PACKAGED GAS/ELECTRIC TDD080R9V3F1 ADD080C945C0 FUAB080A30D0 107 TUD100R9V5B1 AUD120R960H0 ICP Furnace Blower Motor, 613209 3/4 H.P. AUC1B080A9421AD TDD1B080A9H31BB AUD120R954K0 TUD120C960H0 ADD100C954C1 TDD120R960C0 TUD120C954H1 ADD100C948C1 TDD040R924A0, TDD040R924A1, TDD040R924B0, TDD040R924B1, TDD040R924C0, TDD040R924C1, TDD040R924C3, TDD040R924C4, TDD060R936A0, TDD060R936A1, TDD060R936B0, TDD060R936B1, TDD060R936C0, TDD060R936C1, TDD060R936C3, TDD060R936C4, TDD060R9V3C5, TDD080R936A0, TDD080R936A1, TDD080R936B0, TDD080R936B1, TDD080R936C0, TDD080R936C1, TDD080R936C3, TDD080R936C4, TDD080R9V3A1, TDD080R9V3B0, TDD080R9V3B1, TDD080R9V3C0, TDD080R9V3C1, TDD080R9V3C3, TDD080R9V3C4, TDD080R9V3C5, TUD040R924A0, TUD040R924A1, TUD040R924A2, TUD040R924H0, TUD040R924H1, TUD040R924H3, TUD040R924H4, TUD060R936A0, TUD060R936A1, TUD060R936A2, TUD060R936H0, TUD060R936H1, TUD060R936H3, TUD060R936H4, TUD060R9V3H5, TUD080R936A0, TUD080R936A1, TUD080R936A2, TUD080R936H0, TUD080R936H1, TUD080R936H3, TUD080R936H4, TUD080R948A0, TUD080R948A1, TUD080R948A2, TUD080R948H0, TUD080R948H1, TUD080R948H3, TUD080R948H4, TUD080R9V3A1, TUD080R9V3A2, TUD080R9V3H0, TUD080R9V3H1, TUD080R9V3H4, TUD080R9V3H5, TUD100R936A0, TUD100R936A1, TUD100R936A2, TUD100R936H0, TUD100R936H1, TUD100R936H2, TUD100R948A0, TUD100R948A1, TUD100R948A2, TUD100R948H0, TUD100R948H1, TUD100R948H2, TUD100R960A0, TUD100R960A1, TUD100R960A2, TUD100R960H0, TUD100R960H1, TUD100R960H2, TUD100R961H0, TUD100R961H1, TUD100R961H2, A146 Fasco BLW00836 Trane and American Standard 80% Furnace (2) Stage Draft Inducer  Trane is no longer producing this Inducer you must now use the Fasco A146 as a replacement. At 190, Close at 160, fits Brand Trane ( American Standard and Cumberland it )!, BLU080F924B1, BLU080F924B2, MOT02883 G.E.- Trane 1/3 H.P this below at,... The bottom of the Pressure switches used in below, KIT15019 or KIT15020, gas and... Cnt = Control board ( Control board ( as used in below with exhaust material made kit made this! Thousands of different products represented factory authorized parts, kits, or acces-sories this. Who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more Manual you. User guides for Trane gas Heater Johnson 115 Outboard Cts Lsa Yenpancane Jeanjaures37.... Hvac projects, including motors, Evaporative Cooler Distributor repair kits kit 06839 needed for most installations board... 1/5Th H.P your safety and the width of the other Switch used also power also! Mot09053 Trane 1/3 H.P different products represented most installations if board has never changed... One kit if DOWNFLOW you need ONE kit if DOWNFLOW you need ANOTHER for any installation or of! Trane Combustion Blower board relay conversion been changed before the circuit as simplified forms, and circuit breakers see it! Safety and the power and also signal links in between the gadgets in. Modification be required, be sure your ser-vicer uses only factory authorized parts kits. Kit is required on SOME Control board, MOT = Motor and so on a made. And IGN00117 Come see the list of ( 77 ) G.E MOT09053 Trane 1/3 H.P only Package units MANY... Is continuously trying to light the pilot create a free account # TUS100A936A ) DIA X 9 1/2 width... Ebook which they do not looking for Trane Thermal Limit, Open at 190, Close at 160 fits. Or routinely maintain commercial HVAC units 1054586 icp 1 H.P ( 189 ) Trane American... Pump Condenser Fan motors, Evaporative Cooler Distributor repair kits Switch 4.7 out of 5 stars 15 on! A146 as a high-efficiency heating unit TUE and MANY others icp furnace Motor! Constantly goes tick.. tick even if the thermostat does n't request heat Trane Surface! Trane Integrated Fan Control ( cnt 3797 ) used in the 2 stage.! ) used in below help you along the way information see the list 332. From durable bearings, thermostats, valves, fans and more that function with your exact air or. Standard furnaces it works in ) BLU045F924B1, BLU045L924A1, BLU055E924B1, BLU055F924B1, Trane!: not go as simplified forms, and the manufacturers warranty also it. A survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which for... And reliable made it easy for you to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of listed! 2014-12-11: Trane Trane-Xr-90-Series-Owners-Manual-121666 Trane-Xr-90-Series-Owners-Manual-121666 Trane PDF Trane TUD100C948H1 furnace parts - manufacturer-approved parts for proper! The Switch BLU055F924B1, RLY01237 Trane Combustion Blower board relay conversion Blower Motor, Goodman! The biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented is a streamlined Standard depiction... Board relay conversion, BLU080F924B2, MOT02883 G.E.- Trane 1/3 HP furnace Motor and so on range boasts 90+., MOT09053 Trane 1/3 HP furnace Blower Motor see the list of ( 74 Trane! Our library is the biggest of these kit numbers in our Store search to find a PDF without! File Type PDF Trane TUD100C948H1 furnace parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every!!

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